About me...

Alex is a reasonably unconventional individual who enjoys making her life complicated (in a fun way), who is generally quite happy and curious about many things.


I am from Montréal and I have been living in Brussels since 2011, with an ongoing love affair with Barcelona. I have been a communications professional for over eight years now, but will I retire as one? In previous lives, I have also been an elementary school teacher, an emergency calls dispatcher, an entrepreneur and took part in many other short-term activities. I also studied acting (helped the deeply introvert that I am become an efficient networker), as well as communications (improved my creative side) and international relations (I focused my masters on the European Union, which explains the Brussels thing).


I have been very lucky to thrive professionally in Europe, especially in what I love to do, which is communicating. I got to work in different industries (in the machine tools industry, for big American companies, and now in the truly fascinating world of domain names and the internet).


Other than that, I'm a (very) amateur photographer, enjoy hiking and watching Netflix, in equal measure. I still read paper books. I listen to BBC4 Radio in the morning and Ted Talks at lunch time. I'm into chamber music, popular hits and soft jazz, depending on my mood. Lately, I have discovered the "Philosophize This" podcast and I am real sucker for good food and high quality cooking (on the receiving end). Above all, I think life is about enjoying fun moments with the people you love, which is my fabulous family and my amazing friends on both sides of the pond.


The topics I care the most about these days are immigration, feminism, work-life balance, politics and life. I have created this website to free myself from the social network behemoths and take back control of my own content, but I still believe they can be useful, complementary tools to get to know people and to connect, so I can be reached on a few different platforms.

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